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Ma - Cha - Ko


Ma-Cha-Ko Fraternity / Sorority was established in 1980

Founder:   Bobby Daniel Martoma


Address: 1057 Orange Woods Blvd, Rockledge, FL 32955


1.  To unite descendants of Maliakkal Thoma, who are spread all around the world.


2. To communicate exclusively with members of Maliakkal Community through Social Media, especially ‘WhatsApp’


3.  To understand and assist each other's concerns exclusively within the Maliakkal Community.


4.  To help each other to be a good steward of Christ.


5.  To stand up for our Pillars of Neeti (Blind Justice), Nyaya (Equal Justice), Satya (Whole Truth), Sneha (Love without Expectation), and Dharma (Moral and Ethical Duties) towards all Human beings.

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